Monday, March 15, 2010

10 Things Women Love To Hear

99% of all women have ten things in common. They all want to hear the man in their life say the following ten sentences:

"You're beautiful." She may not look like Nicole Kidman, but you should make her feel like Nicole Kidman. Don't just tell her she's beautiful when she's dressed up. Tell her first thing in the morning, or during a quiet moment when she's reading the newspaper.

"You're a great lover." If you're lucky enough to have a woman who truly is a Professor of the Kama Sutra, good for you. Make sure you tell her how great her skills are. But if you'd like your woman to try something new, preface it by saying how great she is in bed already.

"You're so smart." Studies have shown that in elementary school, girls begin to develop the belief that they shouldn't be smarter than the boys in the class. Most women get over this, but a little residual of this grade school lesson lurks around in the back of their minds. Be sure to tell her how much you value her greatest asset-her mind.

"You're my best friend." Your woman wants to be your lover, but she also wants to be your friend. If your relationship is to last, this should be the truth, not just something you tell her.

"You're the most important thing to me." Maybe you work late nights at the office. Maybe you like spending Saturday nights with the guys. Just make sure she knows she outranks everything.

"I would never lie to you." And make sure this isn't a lie!

"I have never cheated on you." Jealousy rears its ugly head from time to time. Make sure your woman knows she has no reason to suspect you.

"I'd be lost without you." A woman wants to know (as Elvis sang), that you don't just want her and love her, you also NEED her.

"You're funny." The couple that laughs together stays together. Let her know you'd rather hang out with her than Chris Rock any day.

"I love you." These three words are often the hardest for men to say. But there's nothing a woman would rather hear.