Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Do Men Want in a Relationship?

Most of the time, women complain that men are complicated because it is very hard to figure out the things that men are looking for. Women do their best to make them happy, but to no avail. For some ladies who have given up, it is either that men leave or be contented with whatever they are getting from their partner. 

So, what do men expect from women? 

Men are looking for love. Surprising as it is, but men are loveable individuals, so they desire to be loved in return. However, a lot of women appear to be cold and impassioned, so this is something that you should never think of doing. 

Men expect their women to be attractive. It may sound very silly for all the ladies out there, but physical appearance matter a lot to men. They are not really searching for a supermodel as most men do not go for women weighing only 80 lbs. However, men go for those who are conscious with their looks (not extremely, though). 

Men want women who can be completely trusted, somebody who is always there for them and whom they can share their secrets with. Believe it or not, there are a lot of women who cannot be trusted and are unfaithful. They are a lot that men actually start to become suspicious most of the time. Men can hardly forgive women who are two-timing, so they normally search for somebody he can really trust. 

Men would like to have a family of their own sooner or later, so they are searching for ladies whom they can spend the rest of their life with. Women possessing an outgoing everyday life are appealing as these women can be counted on to preserve what they need to preserve as a family in a lasting relationship. 

Men expect women to be gentle, kind and womanly. Deep down, those traits are what make women a terrific mom, and these are what men truly want, somebody who can nurture their future children with values. 

Men love women who know how to laugh. There are women who are called ''one of the boys", which basically means a kind of woman who can sit down with the boys and have a great time with them. These women are very outgoing and enjoyable - traits that men usually search for in women. 

Men expect women to preserve their femaleness, are kind and caring. Farting, burping and drinking beer like there is no tomorrow are things that do not (and will never) be attractive to men. They can simply go out and look for women who can be outgoing, but still maintain their womanliness. 

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