Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kibibi Elizabeth Adeney kawa "kaBritain’s oldest mum at 66" kaziii

Kibibi imona nchini Uingereza kimejifungua mtoto akiwa na umri wa miaka 66.
Elizabeth Adeney alijifungua mtoto wa kiume kwa njia ya upasuaji.

An eight-month pregnant 66-year-old businesswoman - Elizabeth Adeney of Lidgate, Suffolk - is due to become the oldestmother in Britain! As per the Sunday Mirror, the issueless divorcee, who went to the Ukraine for IVF treatment, intends giving birth to her baby at a clinic in Cambridge. 

Currently, Britain's oldest mother is Dr Patricia Rashbrook, a psychiatristwho used a donated egg from Russia to birth to her son Jude in 2006, when she was 62 years old. 

Adeney told the Sunday Mirror: "It doesn't interest me that I'm going to be the oldest mum in the country. It's not my physical age that's important - it's how I feel inside." The Managing Director of a Mildenhall, Suffolk-based firm, - which produces plastic and textile products - Adeney still works full-time, and lives in a £400,000 home in nearby Newmarket. 

Adeney's neighbors talk of her as an ambitious businesswoman who, two decades back, had a colorful marriage to Robert Adeney, the ex-Chairman of Swaine Adeney Brigg and Sons - the London-based luxury leather and hunting goods firm, which supplied horse whips to the Royal Family. The couple separated within six months, and Robert Adeney, now 70, has probably moved to the South of France. 

About Elizabeth Adeney's pregnancy, her neighbor, Mavis Rennie, said: "I think she dearly wanted somebody of her own. I think she's almost alone in the world, apart from an aunt or niece in America. She has a very small family."


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Kibibi kilisave uzazi kwa mahitaji ya baadae heeeeeeeeee