Thursday, November 18, 2010

7 Facts on Kissing …

I enjoy writing blogs on facts. I have a site of my own that I am making that is full of facts, but it is currently under construction and I will only release it to you when it is done. I have many different categories that I enjoy writing facts on and right now, I am going to share with you my 7 facts on kissing …

7. Sensitive Lips

The tips of the fingers are sensitive, aren’t they? Well, there is something that is even more sensitive than that. Your lips. Lips are one hundred times more sensitive than the tips of your fingers.

6. French Kissing
The French kiss involves all thirty four muscles that are in your face. What about the pucker kiss? Well, that only involves two muscles.

5. Kissing is Good for Your Teeth
Does this one sound strange to you? Well, let me explain. The anticipation of the kiss is going to higher the flow of saliva in your mouth. In return, this is going to give those teeth a good plaque-removing bath.

4. X’s at the End of a Letter
Have you often wondered what the “X” means at the end of someone’s letter? Many of you may already know this one, but I feel that I should tell those who don’t. The “X” you may find at the end of a letter represent the contact of lips during kissing.

3. The Kissing Rush
Do you want to have an adrenaline rush? Then try kissing someone you love! It has been said that kissing will release the same neurotransmitters in the brain that one gets when they run, bungee jump and parachute.

2. Average
The average person will spend three hundred and thirty six hours of his/her life kissing. Wow.

1. Strange Laws
While as far as I know, they are not pushed, there are many weird laws on kissing that are in the books. Surely you know how there are some strange laws out there that make you laugh. These laws aren’t being enforced. Some strange kissing laws include a man cannot kiss his wife on a Sunday in Hartford, CT – In Indiana is it illegal for a guy with a moustache to habitually kiss a human being.

There you have 7 facts on kissing. Surely you know more facts on kissing. What is your favorite?