Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 Things Girls Do But Are Too Embarrassed to Admit …

Some weird and even disgusting habits are reserved only for guys but it would be unfair to say that we don’t do the half of the things they do plus some they wouldn’t think of doing. We are the prettier and better mannered half for sure, but, since it’s only us girls here, why not discuss some of those habits most ladies have in common? Here’s the list of 10 things I believe all girls do sometimes:

1. We fart… regularly!

We won’t make a competition out of it and we definitely won’t try to set our farts on fire, but this normal body function is not a stranger to us either. If there are people around, we will excuse ourselves, go to the bathroom and try to make as less noise as possible. But if we are alone we don’t mind letting a loud, smelly one out whenever we feel like doing it.

2. We masturbate even if we have a boyfriend

A lot of girls do this and only a small percentage of them is actually willing to admit it. And I still don’t understand why! If masturbating is completely normal and expected for guys, why does it have to be something a girl should hide or feel ashamed of?

3. We watch adult movies too

I’ve heard some girls saying that they have never watched an X-rated movie and, honestly, I think that’s a big fat lie. I’m sure you have watched at least one of these movies, I know I did. There is a whole industry of softer, more emotional adult movies for females which proves not only that many ladies watch them but prefer and like them too.

4. We paint our toe nails to cover up a yeast infection

Although Athlete’s foot is more common for guys, yellowish toe nails and red patches can affect us too. We are embarrassed to talk about it and it isn’t exactly an ideal topic to discuss over a Sunday brunch so we prefer to keep quiet about it, paint our nails for quick cover-up and keep the ointment hidden deep inside the bottom drawer.

5. We pick our noses

A nice, well-mannered girl like me would, of course, never pick her nose in public. But, I’m on my own, I don’t mind turning to some good ol’ fashioned “gold mining”. And I feel proud when I actually do find something! There, I’ve said it!

6. We love to dig out ingrown hairs

Trying to dig out the ingrown hair represent a real challenge most women love to face. And I don’t even want to go into describing how proud we feel when the hair surrounded by its follicle pops out immediately! I often help my sis in her salon and, if I’d gotten a penny for each girl that told me this, I’d be a richer than Paris Hilton now!

7. We actually enjoy squeezing out blackheads

Squeezing out a huge blackhead gives us the same weird satisfaction I’ve mentioned above. It’s kind of like having a mission to force out the foreign object that’s hurting your looks and, once you have managed to complete this mission, you become your own personal hero. This, of course, doesn’t end here – just popping out the bugger is not enough, we have to carefully inspect it afterwards and try to determine its size, color, shape…

8. Fingernail dental hygiene

When it comes to dental hygiene, women have developed a special tool. It’s easier to carry along and incredibly helpful in emergency situations. This amazing tool scrapes off tartar from the teeth and tongue and does a great job in removing those tiny pieces of food that get stuck in the teeth. Nope, it’s not a toothbrush or a dental floss… It’s the all mighty fingernail!

9. We smell ourselves too
Guys usually smell their armpits just to make sure how bad they smell and girls do it too but for completely different reasons. We smell our armpits and legs because we want to make sure the stench that’s spreading through the air is not coming from us. Furthermore, during our periods, we girls have the ability to twist ourselves into the most amazing positions just so we could smell our crotch to confirm that the pad doesn’t give us out and that nobody can really pick up that scent.

10. We like to see the “end results”

From inspecting a blackhead or hair we have just popped out to checking out our used cue tips, plucked stray hair and pads– girls really pay attention to all the little details. Some even like to look at the toilette to check out the size of their “number two”.

Yup, strange habits are definitely not just a male thing and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. What about you? Do you have any weird habits you wouldn’t feel embarrassed to share? Is there something on this list that you regularly do or know a girl who does?