Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Preparing for the first date

First Date Jitters
First dates can be nerve wrecking. From wearing the right outfit, to talking the talk, it can take the toll on any girl. Follow these easy steps to prepare you for that first date and wow him with your confidence.

Look the part
Pick out your favourite outfit a day in advance and take an extra long bath to make you feel and smell super sexy when you arrive.

Drunk and disorderly
Pre-date jitters? Don't be tempted to finish a bottle of wine before your date. Arriving drunk is not a good look.

Beauty sleep
Rest up before your date. You don't want to look and feel tired during the date.

Fun, fun, fun!
If you're in charge of the night, plan something fun that keeps both of you in mind. Exotic meals maybe appealing to you, but you don't want him running to the toilet every five minutes!

Safety first
Let your friends know your date plans, who you are with and where you are going.

Put those crisps away!
Don't binge eat before your date, avoid foods that make you look and feel bloated.

Charm him
Dig the dirt on your date. Talking about his favourite sport or band will leave him speechless.

Calm those nerves
Keep an open mind; chances are you both will be nervous.

But I’m only ten minutes late
Arrive on time! Being fashionably late could leave you dateless.

Take it easy
Let your hair down and enjoy, if nothing else works out, at least you'd have a good time.