Friday, April 16, 2010

TIGHT VAGINA - Tighten Your Vagina For Better Sex

Is there a way of telling whether the vagina is either too big or small? What needs to established first is, what is seen as normal. Without knowledge on normality how can one tell if the vagina is of natural size? Vaginal size is not a hot topic among women unless faced with a problem that entails this issue to be addressed.

The vaginal wall is stretchy so exact size can never really be determined. Some women believe a tighter vagina brings more pleasure when having sexual intercourse. There is a hint of truth in this because it means more pressure and friction. Nevertheless it can also cause discomfort for male and female. If the vagina is relaxed the vaginal walls collapse into each other. The diameter is less than one inch and the length will be around 3 to 4 inches. Size changes when ready for intercourse. At this time the diameter of the vagina is not the same throughout the vaginal tunnel.

The narrowest part is the opening of vagina and wider as it goes in deeper. As a rule the front part of vagina has a size of one and a half inches. The deeper into the vagina you go the bigger the diameter. The back end of vagina usually has a diameter of 2 1/2 inches. The front vagina wall has the length of 2 inches and the back end is 3 - so totaling about 6 inches. Giving birth can stretch the vagina because of intense expansion. if you are looking for a way to tighten the vagina, then Kegel exercises are very effective. You know your body better than anyone else and will know if something doesn't feel right. If your worries involve having a big or small vagina, then talk to your GP.

Women as young as in their early twenties and in their teens can suffer from this problem where their vaginas loosen and feel big. This normally occurs due to poor sexual health, childbirth, and other factors. Concerns about vaginal and vulva size is a regular issue, so no need to be embarrassed.

If you`ve never given birth, it's almost unlikely that a vagina or vulva is too big. Never believe in all you hear i.e. having plentiful sex causes the vagina to become big, "poppycock." No matter how much sex you have it won't affect you're vaginal or vulva size, "childbirth" yes because it can affect dimensions, meaning, damaged muscles and other supporting tissues of the vaginal walls. You can prevent widening of the vagina doing postnatal exercises that physiotherapists teach. Never take up exercise unless advised by your doctor that is safe to do so. Although exercises are good for keeping the body in shape and healthy, - they may not be ideal if a particular condition a patient suffers, is a under threat, where additionally adds to their suffering.

If your vaginal 'barrel' is excessively big, leaving the vagina to appear 'loose', this can have the following effects: Intercourse less pleasing. Possibility of air getting into (and out of) the vagina - referred to in some parts of the country as fanny farting. On a more serious note, lax muscles and ligaments can lead to a prolapsed womb.

Things you can to do to help tighten a loose vagina?

Pelvic floor muscle exercises are one most favored option among women.

Tighten the muscles at the front of the lower part of your body - as if trying to stop yourself urinating , hold this contraction for 10 seconds then relax - repeat and keep up for 5 minutes. Do these 4 times daily. If at any time you feel pain stop immediately.

Due to technology we have many gadgets on the market, and one for helping with this issue is the vaginal muscle developer, unfortunately quite expensive if you don`t have money in the bank (£75 to £200) - and you do have to work at them for a long period before seeing results. Another option is to speak to a gynecologist to discuss the possibility of a 'repair' operation. This draws the weakened pelvic tissues together and firms everything up. Remember as with any type of surgery there are also the risks.

Women tend to cause themselves unnecessary worry over having a big vagina when there are many things that can be done to heal. Although sound advice, women still desperately worry about vulva appearance i.e. too large or the labia too long, or that bits of it protrude unequally. If you are one of these women then talk to your doctor - who will be able to reassure you that you are in fact normal and have nothing to worry about?

In contrast we have women who believe their vagina too small. Statistically this is most unlikely. The symptoms that could show unusually smallness: is

Painful intercourse Not able to have sex Problem with tampon insertion

After an examination has been given for the above mentioned symptoms, women find much to their amazement that their vagina is of normal-size. Cause for this confusion is nearly always connected to a condition called vaginismus. It is a regular condition that makes the vaginal muscles contract when intent to make contact with the genitals is made. You may be given an internal examination to make definite prognosis. Vaginismus

Symptoms of vaginismus come varied and can include:

Unintentional uncontrolled spasms of the muscles in the vagina
fear of pain
Panic in connection to penetration
Loss of sexual desire if penetration is attempted
Pain when inserting a tampon, finger or penis

The frightening thing about this condition is, the woman can do nothing to stop it because the symptoms are entirely involuntary. Whereas the size of the vagina we do have control over.