Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Je Viatu vyako ni salama kwa Ujauzito?

Your feet need extra pampering when you're pregnant.

It's essential to treat your feet right during pregnancy. That means choosing shoes that are roomy and comfortable, and that offer adequate support. According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, during pregnancy your feet may grow a half to a full size permanently. To ease pregnancy-related foot discomfort, the ACFAS recommends wearing an arch support to help support the extra weight your feet will be carrying, wearing athletic shoes with a roomy toe box, and wearing support stockings to minimize foot and ankle swelling.

In addition, here are questions to ask yourself while shoe shopping:

Does it have a square toe? Not only are square toes in style, but the extra room helps ward off painful corns and bunions.

Does it have a broad, low heel? A simple loafer with a low, stacked heel offers much better support for your weight than a low-heeled pump.

Does it offer ankle support? You might think flat shoes are better than heels, but some ballet flats and moccasins don't offer adequate ankle support. Walk around the store -- if your foot lifts out of it, there's not enough support.

If it's an everyday shoe, does it have a rubber sole? These shock absorbers are easier on your knees and back. One great trend for pregnant women is "mock sneaks," which are athletic-style, slip-on, rubber-soled shoes in leather and suede.