Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eti vyakula tulavyo vyaweza kutambua mtoto utayemzaa! Makubwaa

Can What You Eat Determine the Gender of the Baby?

Believe it or not a simple aspect like eating the proper food will help you to conceive a boy or girl. Specific foods will lead to conceiving a girl and some foods will lead to conceiving a boy.

Eating foods that contain high levels of sodium and potassium are beneficial for the conception of a baby boy. Examples of foods to eat to conceive a baby are bananas, potatoes, apricots and several other fruits and vegetables. A diet of the opposite nature is required to conceive a girl. Find foods that are low is potassium and sodium like leafy green vegetables.

According to the study, women who eat more food are more likely to have a boy. In particular, eating breakfast increases the chances of having a girl. The story gets even stranger. Eating cereal is the best breakfast food for women wanting to have a son. One or more bowls per day is said to produce the highest number of male babies.


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