Monday, January 16, 2012

7 Ways to Seduce a Man with Just One Touch …

How to Seduce a Man with just one look, one touch and one feeling is easy if you know how to do it! Ladies, if you’re finding it hard to get your man behind closed doors, I have just the trick for you! Below, I’ve got the low-down on how to seduce a man with just a touch! I promise, after you start to put some of these how to seduce a man tips into practice, he’s going to constantly be after you!

1. Flirt

When you’ve been with your man a while, you forget how much fun flirting used to be! Well ladies, why not turn up the heat on your flirting? Run your finger down his chest, detail out what you want, flirt with him the way you used to. I promise, it’ll make all of the difference!

2. Be Confident

Confidence is always sexy, whether or not you’ve been with your man for a while. This is one of the surefire how to seduce a man tips that you can use all of the time! Just show him how confident you are and I promise, he’ll be falling all over you!

3. Pay Attention

A man loves it when a girl pays attention to him. Think about it, how often to do demand their attention and yet, when they start to talk, we zone out? A great learn on how to seduce a man is to pay attention! Pay attention to what he likes, how he likes it and what turns him on. It’ll make all of the difference!

4. Be Up Front

A man likes it when a girl is assertive in what she likes and what she doesn’t. If you are a girl into fetishes, why not share some of those? Bring up front with your man will truly make him trust you more and will deepen your connection. It’s also a great way on how to seduce a man, as most women hide what they like from their partner.

5. Give Teasing Kisses

Just a brush of your lips against his can turn a guy on more than passionate kisses. It’s all about anticipation ladies and the more anticipation you build up, the better off you’ll be! You don’t always have to place the teasing kisses on his lips too, his neck, collarbones and even his ears are great places too!

6. Caress His Skin

A single touch can really set a man off ladies! Something as simple as running your finger down his arm or even just scraping your nails over his palm can make all of the difference. So why not take that to the next level and sneak a hand under his shirt once in a while? He’ll love it!

7. Talk Dirty

A lot of girls are shy when it comes to the dirty talk, but with a guy, it’s all about descriptions. When you’re behind closed doors, you should feel comfortable enough to release all of your inhibitions and just let loose. Talking dirty is also a great way to express what you like, that way he knows how to touch you!

Learning the ins and outs of how to seduce a man easily and with just a few touches isn’t hard. Men like it when women know what they want, know how to touch them and pay attention to them. Do all of those and you’ll learn how to seduce a man in no time at all! So ladies, what seducing tricks do you use?