Friday, July 22, 2011

8 Facts about Men …

It’s funny how men have gotten away so for so long saying they don’t understand women yet the reverse doesn’t seem to be voiced. Is it because we women want to save face and never actually admit we don’t understand them either or is it simply because we think we do? After reading these 8 facts about men maybe you’ll change your mind as to how man-savvy you think you are. Please note a number of the references points are British but as men are pretty much the same (?) the world over I’m sure they’re applicable to US guys too.

1. Facts about Weight

The Daily Mail newspaper presented some not-quite-stunning facts in December of 2010. The article stated that 42% of men say they would be less attracted to their wife or girlfriend if she gained weight. No surprise there then.

2. Facts about Cleanliness

We all know men are generally less cleanly than women but here’s one fact about men you won’t enjoy knowing. A February 2011 survey from Travelodge Hotels said that 20% of single men only change their bed linens once a month. Maybe that’s why they are single?

3. Facts about Sex

A Durex survey from March of this year revealed some very interesting facts about sex. It maintained that 17% of guys have only ever slept with one person. Let’s hope they changed the bed sheets afterwards.

4. Facts about Phones

Cell phones are a big part of today’s society, especially when it comes to interacting with potential partners. Viewsonic emphasized how important cell phones are in relationships by revealing that one third of men use their cell phones to flirt with women. That’s no excuse to take a peek at his messages when he’s not around.

5. Facts about Sexual Partners

There are plenty of assumptions about men and sex and most are based on our experiences with them. One of the facts about men and sex is that 24% of them have had a threesome. What the survey results, discovered by a This Morning TV survey in February, didn’t clarify, though, was whether it was 2 guys/1 girl or 2 girls/1 guy. Make sure you clarify when he gets round to suggesting it to you!

6. Facts about Strength

We’ve always known that women are stronger than men right? Well, they know it too. So does; the site says that 76% of men believe that women handle pain better than their male counterparts. Is your man a wimp?

7. Facts about Moms

One of the facts about men that we all know is that they love their mothers’ but did you know that they spend an average of $35 on their Mother’s Day gift? Better than that CD he bought you for your birthday yes? You can thank for that bit of information!

8. Facts about Attraction

Need to know how to attract a man? According to,18% of them say the first thing they notice about a woman is her hair. I guess we don’t need to ask what the other 72% answered.

There are undoubtedly many more facts about the fellows. Maybe you’d like to share some! As for this list, were you surprised with any of these facts about men or did it just confirm things you already knew or feared?