Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How To Love Your Breasts During Sex

By Sarah Harrison

Women's Health has a great feature this month about bringing your breasts into sex. The piece points out that we talk about breasts all the time, but we're usually talking about the non-sexy aspects of the boob—cancer and breast-feeding for example. But boobs are also a sex organ, and WH lists a bunch ways to enjoy your breasts plus some interesting facts. Here are the best of their tips, plus a few of our own.

The light touch. Have him run his fingers just above the skin on your chest and on your breasts without touching your nipples or coming in direct contact with your body. Skimming your skin like this brushes the tiny hairs on your body into a delightful tease.

The new touch. According to WH, the nipples get all the attention, but the areas right above the nipples—think 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock—are actually the most sensitive parts of your breast. After reading this we touched our chest and sure enough, those areas were extremely sensitive. WH says, "the pressure from his tongue will activate a tiny muscle just beneath the surface that flips on your headlights so he can then flick them ever so gently with his tongue."

The wet touch. WH recommends shower sex that incorporates breast love. We suggest that he puts his mouth on your nipple during sex. This additional point of contact increases intimacy and your sense of connection and heightens the pleasure for both of you.

The hard touch. Another great nipple move is the twist. Ask your guy to grasp your nipple between is fingers and lightly twist it. Or do it yourself while he's focusing on another part of your body. Here you'll appreciate the additional sensation, and the slight kinkyness of contorting your flesh. S&M For Beginners

The no touch. And finally the easiest way to enjoy your breasts is simply to look at them. Next time you're having sex, grab a mirror and watch how your breasts move during sex, how they look when you're lying down, how they sway when you're on top of him. Men get to see our bodies in motion whenever we have sex, so you should see what all the fuss is about.