Monday, May 10, 2010

Top 10 Colognes to Buy Your Boyfriend …

I love for my boyfriend to smell good! Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, so you ought to buy him a cologne you like… check out these 10 colognes to purchase for your boyfriend…

1. Usher – VIP

I bought my boyfriend this cologne for Christmas, and every time he puts it on, I can’t stay away from him! The scent is so refreshing, not too strong, and he doesn’t need to spray much of it. It’s a great everyday cologne.

2. Sean John – I Am King

I Am King is a good day to night cologne. It’s light, fruity scent will still have your guy smelling and feeling masculine! It is not an overpowering scent even if he sprays it all over…

3. Armani – Code

This is a very sensual scent! It can be worn day-time or night-time. I guarantee your guy will love it! What I like most about it is the sleek bottle design…

4. Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue

This cologne has a classic crisp, clean smell to it, with a citrus twist. Your guy does not need to spray a lot of this on — just a couple dabs on the neck, chest and maybe on the wrists and he’s good to go!

5. Ralph Lauren – Polo Black Collection

This is a subtle sexy cologne. My boyfriend has this cologne as well, and it is very soft and it lasts throughout the day! It is sweet smelling but still smells masculine…

6. Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male 

My boyfriend has been wearing this cologne for years, and it is super sexy! The ultimate sexiest cologne for a male. Once you purchase this for your boyfriend, it is guaranteed to stay in his top 5 brands of colognes to wear…

7. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Collection 

I love this cologne! It is so refreshing. It’s like smelling fresh spring air. Your boyfriend is guaranteed to love this cologne! He can go from day to night with this cologne, too.

8. Burberry – The Beat

The design of this bottle is so cute! This is citrusy smelling cologne. Your guy will still feel masculine while smelling good at the same time… what could be better?

9. Diesel – Fuel for Life

This is more like play-hard cologne. He can wear it playing any sport and still finish smelling fresh! More of a day-time cologne than a night-time one, though. Your guy will finally have something he can sweat in without it wearing off!

10. Nautica – Voyage

So fresh and so clean cologne! It smells so pure, not loud, and not too sweet. This is one of Nautica’s best selling colognes. Get this for your guy and he won’t stop thanking you!

Which one of these is your favorite? What colognes have you bought for your boyfriend that you love? Please share with me!


Burberry said...

I'm a fan of the sweet smelling colognes, like Angel for Men, or Polo Sport. My wife loves D & G Light Blue so I've been wearing that recently. Anyone else like that one?

eula_w said...

My brother is a fan of Sean John specially clothing. I think if he know about this Sean John cologne, he will gonna buy this.

I'm using pheromone cologne as my daily scent. :)