Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The celebs with the best body/butt/boobs/legs/eyes/hair

While the #1 most important thing is being happy in your own skin, we also like to give props to famous ladies with legs, curves, and hair we'd kill for! You know, the stars we'd most want to look like if we could afford to enlist an army of private chefs, nutritionists, personal trainers, and world renowned colorists to help us. Oh, and maybe if we could alter our DNA just a smidge.

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment poll of 2,000 men and women on which celebs have the best assets. Not surprisingly, women and men have differing opinions on ideal beauty. While 24% of females polled thought Beyoncé had the hottest body, one in five men named Megan Fox. Incidentally, Fox was also the most popular choice for who the guys would most want to sleep with if their parter gave them a celebrity pass. Moving on...

Move over J.Lo and Kim Kardashian--Beyoncé was also picked by both sexes to have the best butt, gaining 34 percent of the vote. Hey, she did coin the term "bootylicious" after all. 25% thought Beyoncé had the best legs, and 23% of females felt she had the best cleavage. OK, so everyone wants to look like B. Nothing shocking there! When it came to the fellas, a tie of 19% each admitted to ogling the breasts of Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. But Angie beat out Fox by 1% for having the best eyes.

More surprising and not-so-surprising results:

  • both sexes said Keira Knightley was the prettiest actress
  • everyone is still completely obsessed with Jennifer Aniston's hair
  • though Brad divorced her, people think Aniston is the best marriage material
  • Victoria Beckham was voted as having the worst figure

Which female celeb would you vote for having the best body/butt/boobs/legs/eyes/hair?