Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why do women hate other women?

1. Women feel that their biological prime-time is limited. She can easily be replaced by a new younger, more beautiful woman. Youth is a woman’s fair-weathered friend.

2. Women feel that other women control their man’s sexual fidelity.

3. Women feel that their level or degree of physical beauty is based on luck as opposed to something that she controls.

4. Women feel that other women can take something that they have worked hard to earn by using their beauty on the job, school and the legal system because men will be taken by her beauty.

5. Women feel that other women can not be trusted. They gossip too much, they are phony and they would take your man right before your eyes.

6. Women feel that other women divert attention away from them.

7. Women feel psychologically competitive with other women to be more attractive.

8. Women subconsciously believe that if they merely looked like another woman, they could inherit her life, her diamond, her man, and people would look at her with the same admiration.

The following dialogue was edited from a variety of websites discussing how women relate to each other:

Points to Ponder:

• You can never stop a man from looking at or admiring another woman’s beauty. Do you really feel that another woman is more valuable as human being than you are simply because of her physical appearance?

• You are more than your physical body. What talents, gifts or skills do you have to contribute to society?

• You can not control what other people think of you. Once you truly accept the truth that you have no control over other people’s thoughts about who you are or how you should live your life; you will be free to design your own life from the inside out.

• You can never compete with anyone but yourself.

• The only person who you can control is yourself…period.

• Whatever you seek in other people develop in yourself. You don’t need to marry a doctor; become a doctor.

• You are the most important person in the world who must believe, acknowledge and recognize your own authentic and unique beauty. Why should anyone love and respect you more than you love and respect yourself.


Anonymous said...

It has to do with giving and getting attention. If your outfit gets you positive attention, it takes away from her positive attention. So she gives you negative attention to balance it out. This is justified by enlisting the support of other women.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I really don't think women hate other women once they're out of high school. Most women aren't bitches that will talk about your behind your back and act like your friend to your face unless they're 16.

Anonymous said...

I believe many ppl who are blunt are not liked by others. It's not just women who don't like it if you tell them what you think of them.

Anonymous said...

I had an angry thundercunt rip my head off because I was encouraging her to NOT kill herself; she was pregnant and used the very fact to defend herself. But I digress...

Anonymous said...

It's because women don't know what they want. They are sexually repressed females that want to keep their gender down.